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Default My Fathers Day project

First. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, Future Dads and guys on here with Dads. Todays project is to finish off project ďRockyĒ the numbers matching 1971 Trans Am my son and I (and my brother and one of my best friends) dragged out of a field in 2020. Special Thanks to Matt for basically forcing me to go look at it. He really found it. When the kid gets home from work I think we will go take it for a couple of high speed pulls ( currently itís been to 110 with no hood bumper or misc. I just had to drive it). My buddy (ironically named Adrian and met AFTER the car was deemed Rocky cause it fought us EVERY step of the way. Got the front end all lined up and hopefully next week itíll be tagged and legal. Being Fatherís Day it reminded me of the source of ALL my headaches. My Dad. I blame him for all this. But without him I wouldnít have a 68 a 69 T/A 2 70 Formulas and a 71 T/A as well as all you guys here who Iíd never have met had I grown up without a mechanic of a Step father who bought a 67 Firebird 400 4 speed in 67 and just happened to have 1 picture of it with its hood tach. All this cause of one ole man and a picture. Without that I wouldnít have all the friends here and in real life I have now. Happy Fatherís Day guys. Your Fathers influence reaches much Farther then you think!
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Happy Father's day to you too. I know we don't see eye to eye on something and I'm no expert but don't kill yourself test driving the 71. Last time I drove my 70 I toasted the engine in a road race for fun st 135 mph. Floated the values and frooze engine. Going fast is expensive. The engine was a used boneyard engine not the original one. I kept that in back yard till I had enough money to build it. I haven't checked my vin and if it's not the original,it's ok it's a yz. Enjoy it 👨 man.

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My dad got me started on Pontiacs, and influenced me to become a mechanic. He didn't want me to become a mechanic, but I was impressed at a young age on how he was able to diagnose and repair cars and trucks, and about anything in the house that needed attention that was mechanical. Build, cut, weld, and make due with what you had on hand to get something up, and functioning again. Dad drove Pontiacs almost exclusively, and he and my mothers father, my grandfather, both worked at the Pontiac dealer in Erie PA, so that's what got me driving/owning Pontiacs since I was 15 YO.

My dad was full of good advice, and wise sayings, urged me to take up some other trade beside auto mechanic, but being I was young, and of course smarter than the old man, I didn't take the good advice offered.......

I told both of my parents, later on in life, that the older I got, the smarter they both got in my eyes.......LOL

I miss them both, but they lived to a impressive age. Dad passed in 2007 at the age of 92. My mother passed in 2020 at the age of 99, both pretty impressive ages for Longevity.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I miss, and think about him everyday.

Happy Fathers day to everyone who reads this!!!!!

Brad Yost
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1984 Grand Prix

100% Pontiacs in my driveway!!! What's in your driveway?

If you don't take some of the RACETRACK home with you, Ya got cheated

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My dad bought a new 1966 GTO from Royal Pontiac in 1966. I was 4 years old and became hooked on Pontiacs then. That dark blue, Mid Watch Blue?, GTO with the Tri power and 4 speed and it was amazing. I remember that grooved console with that dark blue interior. I can still see it. He told me that there were so many GTO's at the GM Tech Center in Warren Michigan that it looked like a Pontiac dealers lot. He worked at GM for almost 50 years. My grandfather taught auto mechanics at Wilbur Wright and later South Lake High School. I have been influenced by them my whole life. It is the reason that I love cars, especially Pontiacs, and have been at GM, both at Milford Proving Grounds and Warren Tech Center since 1986. Happy Fathers Day to you all, I love this forum and the knowledge of all of you. Thank you all.

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Well since we installed 17 inch wheels on the car (mainly cause the rubber is new and rated for the high speeds) my son had to use the gps speedo app on his phone. But apparently it’ll hit 120-130 pretty damn easily ��. It still had plenty of room to go too but at 120 stops signs come up QUICKLY ��. Well I suppose now I’ll take it this week and get it VIN verified since it hasn’t been titled since 1986 and do some finishing touches and make it my beater car. On to the next one

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Son: Dad, Iím not really a fan of the second gen Firebird. I prefer the 69 Trans Am over the 71.
Me: itís your birthday so take the 71 for a spin and make sure you give it some gas I wonít yell at ya.
Son :
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