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Default Has Anyone Lowering Seats In Their Classic Pontiac?

I finished a resto-mod on my 1966 GTO and the new seat cushions have me sitting to high.

I'm tall and my new line of sight is right at the boarder of the blue tint at the top of the windshield.

When I take the rails of the seat, I sit just about perfect.

I was wondering if anyone else has lowered their seats without removing some of the cushion material.


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I'm in the same boat after installing the new Legendary Rally seats in my 67. I'm more forward and too high. I think it might be tough to get them as low as you're talking, however it may be possible to cut off the feet, take some material out and reweld. Then you'll probably have an issue with the adjuster on the side hitting the floor. Maybe there are tracks out there being made for this purpose? Might do a search on that. I'll likely be doing the same...

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