Non Pontiac Motors in Pontiacs includes factory 403,305,350 Chevy, Buick V6,
Also Pontiac Motors in non-Pontiacs!

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No clue, but can't understand those posts, or the PM I got.



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Some Limey spook had the brass to park next to me this morning...

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Originally Posted by Scarebird View Post
Well, things were busy and sea changes are in order. Looking to move down to California in a year and a half; 33 years of drizzle and crappy weather is enough. If the T/A is going it must meet CARB regulations - the ones for 1979 are rather difficult to meet if you do not have an engine with all the smog stuff.

But there is another way. GM and CARB worked together to make 3 different crate motors that meet spec:

330hp 5.3 liter LC9
430hp 6.2 LS3
556hp 6.2 supercharged LSA

I bought a LC9 about a month ago from Summit. Still had not shown up. Went to SEMA last week and chatted with the GM crate engine guys, and found out that the LC9's mailbox shaped intake will not clear a lot of hoods! WTF!

When I got back I got a note from Summit noting that the motor was delayed more. Mnnnh. So I changed the order to a LS3 and it arrived at my friend's shop today.

When they say crate they mean crate!

Riding the hook till I get some metric bolts to old it to the stand.

What GM sends you...

Lotta stuff for $7,600 - light and very powerful. And Green too.
Very cool, I have my eye on an LS swap as well. I know the LC9 is an aluminum block and all but I think most will be a lot happier with the LC9/LS3 than an iron block truck motor. From my minimal research, the iron block/aluminum head LS set up weighs about the same as a traditional Pontiac motor with AL heads while the AL LS blocks weigh about 100 lbs less. Removing 100 lbs off of the front of one of these cars normally results in a ton of compromises most of which are undesirable.

For me I am less concerned about emissions and need to retain the original transmission location for my TKO/mechanical linkage set up. I know SDPC makes a LS pivot ball adapter but I am a bit concerned about the frame bracket/engine mounts and header configuration. Holley seems to make the most well sorted out set up but it does relocate the engine 3/8" toward the center and down. I figure there is enough slop that I should be able to accommodate the change but who knows?

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IIRC the all alloy LS's are in the 430-460 pound range.

The Pontiac Strato motor is well north of 600.

I had issues with the mechanical linkage fitting, hence the hydraulic setup which works perfectly.


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