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Default oil change

I have always changed oil after the engine was at operating temperature. But I was wondering why. If the engine in question was at operating temp when it was shut down and hasn't been run for a day or 2 and the ambient temp is in the 80's, wouldn't the oil have been all drained to the lowest point anyway. Since I'm retired I don't put many miles on my daily driver. Why nor just drain the oil for an hour with out heating it up?

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I always change my oil cold. You donít burn yourself, any water thatís in the oil is on the bottom, and as much oil has drained to the pan as going to.

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The contaminants in the oil are in suspension when it’s hot just after shut down, the contaminants will drain out easier and more completely this way. Many owners manuals for older cars prescribe this method, many didn’t have oil filters so they asked you to follow that procedure.

When cold it all settles and sticks to the bottom of the pan, you get less of the contaminants out this way.

Do whatever you wish.

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If you service your car often and don't have very dirty oil or sludge build-up inside, it really doesn't matter much. The argument always is that warm oil flows much easier and more of the old oil will come out when you drain it. That's true. Also the contaminates are more likely to be in suspension in the oil if it's drained hot just after running. True again. But if you use a quality oil filter and change the oil often how much of a real big deal is it? None really. 10 minute fast lubes began really pushing the "always change the oil hot" deal because that's what they do. You drive your car to them blazing hot off the interstate and they change the hot oil for you in 10 minutes.

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I always change my oil warm, not hard to do when usually is above 70F year round.

Besides hot vs cool flow for a 5w-30 or 0w-40 synthetic is minimal anyway.

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Personally, I don't think it makes an ounce of difference either way. The most important thing is just performing routine oil changes, period. I can see the arguments for both approaches. If you drain the oil after the engine has been warmed up, the contaminants may indeed be suspended more evenly in the oil, but less of that oil is in the oil pan to be drained. In contrast, if you wait overnight, most of the oil is down in the pan, but contaminant suspension is less.

I think it's a wash either way. Just change your oil and filter regularly and enjoy the ride.


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